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Simply beautiful seating: A great way to upcycle your chairs!

21. December, 2019 / Blogpost from Antonia -

One item is an heirloom. Two others come from a flea market. The fourth is a bargain from a treasure trove. Here is the good news for you and your four-legged table friends: with a little imagination, a touch of creativity and adhesive foils from d-c-fix®, you can now turn your chairs – no matter how old – into cool, unique pieces of furniture.


Classically modern: Give your chairs a new lease of life with adhesive foils! 


Especially if your chairs are not all made of the same wood, are different colors, materials or were made in different years, you can create a unique look with adhesive foils in attractive plain colors, such as berry, petrol or white, or with foil elements in eye-catching designs. You can adapt them to your current living area and ambience and put your distinctive mark on them. By upcycling in this way, you can give your chairs a classic, stylish new lease of life, to show that every chair belongs to your/a certain family.

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