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Cuboid shelf with its rear wall covered with the “Wooden Slats” adhesive film.

Ikea hack: how to make your shelf unique!

Project from Angelina -

Cleanliness is next to godliness – but unfortunately this doesn’t usually apply to your desk, because pens and the like simply don’t have a suitable “home” and just lie around. Far from ideal. Maybe our Ikea hack can help you keep things more organized – the best thing about the DIY: it’s super easy and makes a great organizer on your desk. What you need? The “EKET” storage unit from Ikea and the d-c-fix® adhesive film “Wooden Slats.” Use this to stick it on the back of the cube and create an exciting look. Find out all about it in the DIY tutorial here!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Wooden Slats adhesive film
  • d-c-fix® application kit with smoothing blade and utility knife
  • Pencil

  • Folding ruler
  • Ruler
  • (Ikea) Cuboid Shelf

Let’s go!

Step-by-step guide for your DIY


You have everything you need? Then get started!

Step 1

Remove the back panel from the cube and measure it with a folding ruler.

Step 2

Transfer the dimensions of the surface onto backing sheet, leaving a few centimeters excess.

Step 3

Use a utility knife to cut the film along a ruler.

Step 4

Place the adhesive film roughly central on the surface of the rear wall and smooth it out.

Step 5

Cut the corners diagonally with scissors, then fold around the edges and smooth out on the back.

You’re done!

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