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Tray for storing jewelry with inserted rings and other jewelry items on a light gray velvet surface.

Boutique Feeling Every Day: Elegant Jewelry Tray with Velvet

Project from Eva -

Many of us have probably dreamed at some point of owning a piece of Tiffany jewelry. But it’s also nice to enjoy the jewelry you already own. And what better to way do so than with this homemade, luxurious-looking jewelry tray with an elegant light gray velvet surface. You can keep your rings in it and organize all jewelry in a visually appealing way – presented just like in a luxury jewelry boutique. All it takes is one look at the new jewelry tray to get that “Tiffany” feeling every day!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Velour grey decorative film
  • d-c-fix® application kit with smoothing blade and utility knife
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Cardboard box lid
  • Toilet paper rolls

Let’s go!

Follow the tutorial and create your jewelry tray:


You have everything you need? Then get started!

Step 1

Take the cardboard box lid and measure the dimensions of the inner surface to be decorated.

Step 2

Now transfer the measurements with a little allowance onto the backing paper of the “Velour gray” decorative film.

Step 3

Cut the film to size with the scissors.

Step 4

Peel off the backing paper a little and place the adhesive film on the inside of the cardboard box lid.

Step 5

Apply the film to the cardboard with the smoothing blade – use the edge of the blade to press the film firmly into the inside edges of the lid.

Step 6

Now take the narrow pieces of film and use them to cover the inner and outer edges of the cardboard box lid.

Step 7

For the interior of the jewelry tray, cut some toilet paper rolls in half lengthwise using scissors.

Step 8

Now place the roll halves next to one another in the box lid until enough tension is created for them to hold on their own. That way you can see how many are needed.

Step 9

Cover the required number with the “Velour gray” decorative film.

Step 10

To finish, insert the velvety helpers into the box lid and fix them in place by gluing them down if necessary.

You’re done!

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