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Gift box with lid – using a shoe box covered with glitter adhesive foil in shades of gray

Beautiful giftwrapping: gift box with glitter and glamor

Project from Cintia -

Give with the eye! You’ve probably already experienced it yourself: the joy of gift-giving increases on both sides when the gift is beautifully, individually or with recognizable attention to detail wrapped. Our DIY gift box hack shows how to turn an ordinary cardboard box with a lid into a luxurious-looking gift box using three different d-c-fix® Metallic Glitter adhesive foils. This not only looks great under the Christmas tree, but also makes a real impression when it’s presented! Plus: Designing your own gift boxes is sustainable, fun to make and easy on the wallet. Ready for your gift boxes with glittering wow?

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Metallic Glitter silver adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® Metallic Glitter grey adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® Metallic Glitter anthracite adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® application kit with smoothing blade and utility knife
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • (Shoe) box with lid
  • Name tag
  • Fir branches

Let’s go!

Start the tutorial for the glitter gift boxes here


You have everything you need? Then get started!

Step 1

Cover the entire shoe box – including the base – with the “Glitter anthracite” foil and smooth the foil using a squeegee.

Step 2

Now measure the width of the shoe box lid.

Step 3

Then transfer the dimensions plus 5 cm to the right, 5 cm to the left and with a height of 5 cm onto the rear side of the “Glitter silver” foil.

Step 4

Use a cutter to cut the “Glitter silver” foil along the ruler.

Step 5

Now remove the backing paper 5 cm to the right and 5 cm to the left of the “Glitter silver” foil. Then cut off the detached backing paper using scissors.

Step 6

Now place the foil strip on the lid of the shoe box and press down firmly on the right and left outer sides.

Step 7

Finally, insert a name tag or fir branches into the compartment you have created.

Step 8

Repeat everything from step 3 with the “Glitter gray” foil.

You’re done!

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