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Everything you need for the best start to the new school year!

29. August, 2019 / Blogpost from Antonia -

The new school year starts soon and new pupils are getting excited. More experiences schoolchildren, on the other hand, long for more summer holidays. But keep an eye out: we have great ideas for everyone to make the school day a more colourful and unique experience. How? With our fantastic versatile d-c-fix® decorative adhesive films.


Cool ideas for a colourful school day with adhesive films from d-c-fix®!


d-c-fix® board film will give notebooks, pads and organisers a casual look and provides individual name badges for all sorts of school supplies. Our adhesive transparent film protects books and keeps them looking good for longer. Adhesive films in strong and plain colours and patterned films mean you can make great stickers that nobody else has. These unique stickers will then be stuck to everything that belongs in a school bag and make studying and homework better!

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