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Lovely views: Re-design your windows with static window film

28. December, 2019 / Blogpost from Chris -

Having many windows or large glazed surfaces brings light and lightness into your home – but also prying eyes or too much sunlight. So what is the remedy? Is there a practical, simple and attractive alternative to curtains, pleated, roller or venetian blinds etc.? Yes, definitely! And one that’s very attractive and will give you great sights and views!


A decorative and functional feature in the most beautiful form Static Premium for your windows


The static cling Static Premium window film from d-c-fix® offers three major benefits.

Firstly, you can give your window and glazed surfaces a decorative, individual look. Secondly, you can apply the film on to the window exactly where you require more privacy protection – without the stress and hassle of putting up expensive curtains or pleated or Venetian blinds, all of which require arduous dusting. Thirdly, the window film provides protection from too much sun and comes in attractive designs – such as Sofelto for a frosted glass look or Perth with its light and airy leaf design.

In addition, the static cling window film with its high-quality look and feel is also ideal for decorating all glass and mirror surfaces in your home, such as doors with a glass panel, glass doors, shower cubicles or large mirrors.

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