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A winter wonderland on your window—with d-c-fix® winter borders

28. November, 2019 / Blogpost from Chris -

When winter comes, it’s time to get your decorations up. As the days draw in and the temperature drops, we want to make our homes properly cozy. Statically adhesive d-c-fix® window borders combine a wonderful winter atmosphere with an effective privacy film. The decorative foils come in three appealing designs and give rooms a very special feel at the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you put them on windows or doors, any smooth surface can be transformed with ease with d-c-fix® winter borders.


You’ll need

A folding or long ruler

A doctor blade

Scissors/cutting knife

Window cleaner or water in a spray bottle

… and d-c-fix® winter borders!

Snow is falling!

Snow is falling!

Let it snow! When will the flakes start to fall? Delicately traced snowflakes are all part of the winter magic. The Winter Border W3 deco foil from d-c-fix® lets it snow all winter long. The snowflakes float down from the sky along the border like little stars, giving your favorite window a beautifully atmospheric look. For heavier snowfall, simply stick two strips on top of each other, as shown here.
Snowy season

Snowy season

Children aren’t the only ones dreaming of white winter landscapes. Everyone can feel that there’s something a bit special in the air when the ground and rooftops are covered with a drift of fine snow and the whole world glistens. The statically adhesive Winter Border W2 window foil from d-c-fix® can conjure up this glorious atmosphere on any window or glass door. Simply measure to the correct width, cut the foil to size and remove the protective film. It’s a breeze even for complete novices.
A magical winter forest

A magical winter forest

In winter, there’s simply nothing better than wandering through a glittering snow-covered forest with your loved ones. Only spotting some deer between the trees could make the day even more perfect. The Winter Border W1 window foil from d-c-fix® will make memories of walking through wondrous winter landscapes come flooding back. With its idyllic starry sky, this stunning window foil makes a perfect adornment to any room—all winter long.
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