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Let the sun shine in your home – yellow always creates a good mood!

23. March, 2019 / Blogpost from Antonia -

Summer is a long way off, and we’re sure you could use a pinch of summery freshness right now. How? With a bit of yellow – a color guaranteed to lift your spirits!


Yellow in all its various hues creates a stimulating, vitalizing effect that is guaranteed to lift your mood, especially on gloomy days. In your home, yellow accents lend power, freshness and vitality to every room. The secret lies in getting just the right amount in just the right mix. A rich yellow tone, for example, makes for a great eye-catcher with its highly invigorating effect. In the bedroom, however, you want something more subtle – for example, the d-c-fix® Ceylon Yellow decorative film to create a color dip effect on the legs of your favorite armchair, chair or wardrobe. The rich yellow tones of d-c-fix® Jaffa also make for a beautiful adornment to the front of your clothes drawers. And here’s an extra styling tip for you: yellow tones look particularly chic and modern as a color gradient from light at the top to more intense at the bottom.


Bright and sunny – yellow adhesive films create highlights in your most important rooms


In smaller rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens or in the hallway, why not add really generous touches of d-c-fix® Jaffa and Ceylon Yellow? If you want your kitchen front panels, your side table, the back wall of your wardrobe or the fronts of your bathroom furniture to shine in yellow or different shades of yellow, why not add some yellow accessories? Round off your new home look with fresh yellow home textiles such as curtains, towels or tea towels, tablecloths, placemats, cushions, sofa throws or carpets. Whether it’s a tray with a self-designed adhesive yellow pattern, film applications on vases, tins, storage boxes or drawer fronts, or as a cool color dip effect on tables and chair legs – rich, yellow highlights lend your new home look a dash of feel-good energy.

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