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Turn your balcony door into an eye-catcher

Project from Eva -

You can transform large glass surfaces, such as balcony doors or floor-to-ceiling windows, in just a few steps. “Eye-catching” because the film fends off any unwanted attention from the outside, thus ensuring greater privacy in your home and, at the same time, attracting the attention of your visitors because of its fantastic look. The static d-c-fix film is easier than ever to apply and can be repeated as often as necessary as it adheres to the window without adhesive. You can read in the following few steps how you can do this yourself at home.

You will need…

  • A window
  • d-c-fix static window film
  • A film squeegee
  • Scissors

  • A pen or pencil
  • A ruler or tape measure
  • A spray bottle with cold water
  • A cloth

Let’s go

Step 1

At the outset you have to carefully measure the window and cut the film. The film should be large enough that you have a gap of 2-3 mm from the window seals on all sides.

Step 2

You have to spray a generous amount of water onto the window once you have thoroughly cleaned it and also removed any stubborn dirt. After this, you should not be able to see any dry areas on the window. The water is important so that the film subsequently adheres well to the window.

Step 3

Once you have sprayed an ample amount of water onto the window, you have to remove the paper from the back of the film and then apply the film to the window at the desired position. Make sure that the film does not touch the window seals. Otherwise air may get under the film and loosen the edges of the film.

Step 4

When you have the film in the desired position, you only have to use the film squeegee to remove the water from between the film and the window moving from the centre outwards. Make sure that you also work as meticulously as possible at the edges and corners and do not overlook anything.

Step 5

At the end, you can then dry the window with a soft cloth. Your new DIY eye-catcher is finished!

You’re done!

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