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Opaque foil border in a falling white leaves design applied to the surface of your window.

Autumnal windows: beautiful views instead of curious glances – with Falling Leaves!

Project from Chris -

Whether it’s stormy, raining or the sun is shining outside, or the view from your window doesn’t have much nature to show: conjure up a natural atmosphere on your windows with the decorative d-c-fix® Static window border Falling Leaves, with privacy protection included! This opaque border for glass surfaces has a modern all-over leaf design. It adheres statically and can therefore be easily and quickly applied to window surfaces. And if you ever wish to change your d-c-fix® decorative design, the border can be removed without leaving any residue, and reused as desired. Treat yourself and your windows to something beautiful, including privacy protection – and create a good autumnal mood for you and your windows with the Falling Leaves border! 

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Falling Leaves static window border 
  • Pencil 
  • Measuring tape  
  • Ruler 

  • Utility knife 
  • Scraper 
  • Spray bottle with water 

Let’s go

Bring an autumnal mood with privacy protection to your windows:  

Step 1

Determine the dimensions of the window area to be decorated, then transfer the dimensions to the foil border and cut with the utility knife. 

Step 2

Clean the window thoroughly and then wet the window pane generously with water using a spray bottle. 

Step 3

Peel the backing paper off the border and place the foil on the window. 

Step 4

Press the border onto the window pane, spread it across the entire width of the window, and use the scraper to squeeze out the excess water between the glass and the window foil.

You’re done!

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