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An urban ambiance

04. May, 2019 / Blogpost from Cintia -

We’re already a few months into the new year, the evenings are getting lighter, the world is turning faster: It’s a great time for a new look. Urban style is taking Germany’s living spaces by storm, perfectly combined with the clean lines and simplicity typical of Scandinavian design. Modern grays are everywhere, while concrete, wood and marble looks enhance the space and soothe the eye. Each room needs just one new eye-catching feature to be completely transformed – and this is where d-c-fix® comes into its own. The new additions to the range make this transformation incredibly easy to achieve; here are just a few ideas to get you started.


The basic d-c-fix® equipment you will need to create an urban ambiance with Scandinavian flair:

A folding or long ruler

A pencil

A smoother

Scissors / cutting knife

A spray bottle containing clean water

… and, of course, the d-c-fix® films of your choice!


d-c-fix® design film really brings spaces to life!

Now part of the d-c-home® brand, the d-c-fix® design film is just the same as it has been for over 60 years: Absolutely unbeatable when it comes to sprucing up furniture and transforming bland rooms into distinctive spaces in an instant.

Effortlessly smart

Effortlessly smart

Who says your little home office space can’t be both functional AND look great? After all, the more attractive the space, the more you’ll enjoy getting stuck into your work, browsing the Internet or writing your journal. The d-c-fix concrete design film is a wonderful helping hand here, giving your little desk an instant makeover with a cool new look that’s bang on-trend. Fittings and accessories in a contrasting black really ramp up the effect.
Bringing a space to life

Bringing a space to life

A simple wooden shelf unit against a plain white wall often has all the charm of a storeroom. But by combining the shelves and wall into a single, coherent element, you can give your space a homely twist. A panel covered with d-c-fix® Shabby Wood provides the perfect backdrop here; with its plank effect and weathered look, this film is the ideal choice for bringing bohemian chic into your living room. And the more you can see through the casually filled shelves to the design behind them, the better.
The perfect combination

The perfect combination

A current major trend is mix-and-match, which enables you to combine completely different materials such as wood, stone and concrete with each other in any way you like. And thanks to our design films, it just got even easier. Here, d-c-fix® Plain Matt Light Gray, Concrete, Marmi Gray and Sanremo Oak Sand have been stuck on a wall panel behind the sideboard, which itself features d-c-fix® Concrete in a random pattern. The shape and colors of the design give it a retro feel.
Top tip

Top tip

Before you order your d-c-fix® design film online or shop for it in your local hardware store, make a note of the approximate dimensions you need. The backing paper makes it easier for you to cut the amount you want.
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