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Upcycling DIY: Stylish pin holder made from cans for your desk!

Project from Cintia -

Who hasn’t experienced this: Cooking and meal prep at home can quickly add up to a lot of tin cans – so we’re giving them a nice second life with some DIY upcycling. Because with the empty, cleaned tin cans in different sizes, you can make a chic organizer for your desk. And because it’s spring and pastel colors are currently on trend, we’re using d-c-fix® adhesive foils in the fresh colors of ash rose and magnolia. With your homemade DIY pen holder, you can bring spring-fresh order to your desk using old cans. Or as a handy helper in the kitchen or bathroom – simply anywhere you like things nice and tidy!

Pretty in pastel: Let’s get nice and tidy!

You will need…

  • One roll of d-c-fix® Ash Rose
  • One roll of d-c-fix® Magnolia
  • d-c-fix® application kit with doctor blade and cutter

  • Empty cans
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Let’s go

Step 1

Remove the paper from the tin cans and clean the cans thoroughly, both inside and out. Allow them to dry well and ensure that there are no sharp edges at the top

Step 2

Then measure the circumference of the cans and include approx. 1 cm excess for gluing.

Step 3

Draw the dimensions on the backing paper of the d-c-fix® adhesive foil in the color of your choice with a pencil.

Step 4

Cut out the rectangles for gluing onto your cans.

Step 5

Take the first piece of foil, pull back the backing paper a little, place the film on the can and cover it all around.

Step 6

Press down the decorative foil well using the doctor blade — and you’re done!

You’re done!

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