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Beautiful winter landscape on your windows – but absolutely no snow.

Project from Chris -

Are you still looking for that perfect winter motif for Christmas on your windows? Thanks to our d-c-fix® static premium window films, you can easily create your own winter wonderland with the help of our winter templates. So whatever the weather, you can always enjoy a view onto a winter wonderland where the snow never melts. 

You will need…

  • A roll of d-c-fix® static premium window film
  • A d-c-fix® application kit containing a smoother and a cutting knife
  • Our printing template

  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • A spray bottle containing water
  • A cleaning cloth

Let’s go!

Project description for your winter wonderland

Step 1

Print out the template pattern and cut out the designs.

Step 2

Sketch the outlines of the templates you have cut out onto the backing paper of the d-c-fix® window film and cut out the shapes.

Step 3

Thoroughly clean the glass surface you want to decorate with a cloth, removing grease or dirt from the pane.

Step 4

Remove the backing film.

Step 5

Spray the window pane with plenty of water and place the shapes you have cut out onto the window film.

Step 6

Press out the water under the shapes with a smoother from inside to outside until the surface under the film is completely free of water.

You’re done!

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