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Floral window privacy film – bring summer back into your home!

Project from Cintia -

Whether as a special film for extra privacy or a decorative highlight, our d-c-fix® Miraflores window film always makes an attractive addition to your home! With the static premium films, you can quickly and easily transform any smooth mirrored or glass surface into a stylish eye-catcher. No glue is required thanks to the static cling technology, so applying the film is child’s play. It can also be removed and re-applied as often as you like.


Project description for window privacy screening

You will need…

  • One roll of d-c-fix® Miraflores static premium window film
  • d-c-fix® application set with squeegee and cutter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

  • Tape measure
  • Spray bottle with water
  • A cloth for cleaning

Let’s go

Step 1

Measure the glass surface you want to cover and cut the d-c-fix® static premium window film to size. You should factor in a distance of 2–3 mm from the window seals and bear this in mind when cutting the film.

Step 2

Clean the applicable surface thoroughly to make sure that there is no grease or dirt on it. Then spray the glass surface generously with water until you cannot see any more dry areas on the glass.

Step 3

Remove the backing paper from the window film and place the film on the window pane (or other desired surface). Make sure that you keep the necessary distance from the window seals.

Step 4

Now use the squeegee to remove the water between the glass surface and the window film by smoothing out the film from the center outward. Finally, dry the film with a cloth.

You’re done!

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    Posted at 17:28h, 22 January Reply

    Il n’y a pas d’eau savonneuse pour installer le film

  • Avatar photo
    Posted at 18:42h, 31 March Reply

    Et la version en français, je ne parle pas anglais.!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar photo
    Posted at 12:36h, 09 August Reply

    Et oui, quand on distribue en France
    la moindre des choses c’est d’avoir une explication en Français !!!

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