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Slow living: Simply lovely – relaxed upcycling for your home!

24. August, 2019 / Blogpost from Noah -

Slow living is more than a lifestyle trend. It’s a way of life: behaving and consuming consciously and sustainably. Keeping things that make you happy – and making a lot of things yourself. That includes using DIY to create a shiny new look. It’s time to celebrate your creative energy with vintage and upcycling at home! Surfaces, patterns and colours from nature have proved their worth for those deliberately going for a slower style of living. Even though your furniture is not all made of real wood, you can easily give it a relaxed and laid-back look.


Naturally cosy Upcycling with a natural look with d-c-fix® decorative films


Bring slow living into your own home by giving your favourite furniture and home accessories a natural wood or textile look. The versatile d-c-fix® decorative film is perfect for this, giving an amazingly realistic textile look.


For a vibrant wood look, take the d-c-fix® Shanghai film and transform small and large furniture into real natural beauties.


You can bring harmony and relaxation even to larger surfaces with the d-c-fix® Sanremo Sand realistic wood grain film.


Your favourite pieces of furniture and their new natural look are best combined with home textiles made from natural materials such as linen, cotton or wool. Accessories can help you create a natural vibrancy you’ll never grow tired of with your own mix of wood, ceramics, stoneware, basketwork, rattan and cork.

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