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Dcfix Furniture Adhesive Foil Decoration Foil DIY Decoration Living Room Sideboard

A sensational black and white makeover for your sideboard!

06. November, 2019 / Blogpost from Patricia -

Enough is enough: the shadowy specter of your sideboard – whether inherited, acquired from a jumble sale or even bought brand new – has come to an end! Time to show it off in a bold new light. The timeless black-and-white look combined with a dash of inspiration from the on-trend geometric look proves the perfect fit.


Black and white for a modern look!


Are you ready to bring your sideboard up to date by injecting some cool black and white and clear geometric attitude? Let’s do it! All you need are d-c-fix® adhesive foils in black or white – or both, if you want to create a contrast. For variety, both individual colors can also be used in lacquer and matt finishes. Or for eye-catching effect, set in d-c-fix® gold or bronze. Whether noble black or fresh white, your sideboard’s new look will quickly make it a home favorite – that’s a promise!

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