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Sweet dreams: give your bedroom a Scandinavian-style makeover.

21. November, 2019 / Blogpost from Noah -

Looking for a better night’s sleep? How about adding a touch of restful Scandinavian chic to your bedroom! With the clean lines of Scandinavian style and its emphasis on light woods, white and beige tones, and home accessories made from natural materials, you’ll create a wonderful atmosphere of “hygge” in your bedroom.


Bring “hygge” to your bedroom, with Nordic Elm from d-c-fix®


The bed is without doubt the most important item of furniture in the bedroom – so give it a stylish makeover with Nordic Elm adhesive foil in a white wood look. With a new DIY headboard in a light Scandinavian wood look, you’ll turn your bed into an eye-catching piece of furniture that helps create a peaceful mood in your bedroom. Add some understated decoration and plain linen in white or beige to complete the wonderfully relaxed Scandinavian feel, perfect to relax and sleep in.

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