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Rectangular key rack in a wood look with the d-c-fix® Sanremo oak sepia adhesive foil and keys hanging on leather straps with wooden balls.

DIY key rack in Scandi look brings you smart tidiness!

Project from Alex -

No question, everyday life oftentimes gets stressful – and, especially when you need to get going, it’s a nightmare to be slowed down by a frantic hunt for keys! For this reason, we have a great organizational DIY hack for you: this key rack in a modern wood look with the d-c-fix® Sanremo oak sepia adhesive foil brings not only the smart Scandi look in the hallway, but also smartly tidies up your key chaos. With this rack, each key finds its place on a leather strap complete with a large wooden bead. We guarantee that the endless searching has now come to an end!  

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Sanremo Eiche sepia 
  • d-c-fix® application kit with scraper & utility knife
  • Large wooden beads* 
  • Wooden strip with a length of about 15 cm 

  • Leather cord 
  • Saw 
  • Emery paper 
  • Pencil 

Let’s go!

Start the key rack tutorial now:

Step 1

Saw a notch into the wooden strip for each lanyard. It is best to first measure the distances and mark the sawing points so that the final result is symmetrical. 

Step 2

After sawing the notches, sand their edges well. 

Step 3

Now measure the dimensions of the wooden strip and transfer these to the backing paper of the d-c-fix® Sanremo oak sepia adhesive foil. 

Step 4

Cut the adhesive foil to size, peel off the backing paper and apply the adhesive foil to the wooden strip. Smooth down the foil firmly using the scraper.  

Step 5

Now cut out the notches with the utility knife. 

Step 6

For each lanyard, cut a roughly 30 cm length of leather cord, thread both ends of the leather cord through the wooden bead and tie a knot behind the bead. You can then thread on the keys.  


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