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Enjoy the summer on your balcony – with brightly coloured, do-it-yourself-style stools

Project from Chris -

With a little skill, you can turn old wooden boxes into unique stools.

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® adhesive film with the desired pattern
  • Film squeegee and cutter from the d-c-fix® film application set
  • Pencil

  • A wooden box and a wood panel cut to match
  • Scissors
  • Screws and a drill

Let’s go

Step 1

Prepare all of the necessary tools and sand off any major unevenness from the wood surface.

Step 2

Precisely measure the seat area and transfer the dimensions to the back of the adhesive film, leaving a little extra for cutting.

Step 3

Cut the d-c-fix adhesive film to size and then pull off a little bit of the backer material.

Step 4

Adhere the film to the wood panel and continue to pull the backing off the film bit by bit. At the same time, squeeze out all of the air bubbles with the squeegee and carefully smooth the film.

Step 5

Cut the corner of the film slightly in the direction of the corner of the panel with the scissors and then fold the adhesive film over.

Step 6

If there is a little bit of extra film, you can remove this with the cutter.

Step 7

Turn the panel over and adhere the extra film to the back side.

Step 8

Attach the wood panel to the wood box with screws, which you position on the outer edges.

You’re done!

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