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Mark recommends: Change your outlook with window films by d-c-fix®

23. November, 2019 / Blogpost from Mark -

I can see what you can’t see creating more privacy with d-c-fix® window films


Sometimes you just want privacy without pulling down the shutters or closing the curtains right away. You don’t want to sit in the dark, you just want some privacy. The sun may still peak in through the window when I lounge on the sofa, but the curious glances of the neighbors are to please stay outside. What to do? My simple answer: Glass films by d-c-fix®! There are so many great designs and features, my ideas are taking off in all directions right away.


Creating privacy expertly with window films by d-c-fix®


The window films are suitable for all glass surfaces, meaning in addition to window panes they’re also ideal for glass doors or shower cubicles. No need to feel inhibited ever again! Depending on which product you select, window foils can even protect against UV rays. The assortment is huge and ranges from statically adhesive films and stripes via sun protection and tinted foils to self-adhesive mirror privacy shield foils – also called spy shields – that produce a reflection on the outside during the day but are transparent from the inside. My name is Mark Kühler.


I for one have a hard time deciding and am curious to see which foil will become your favorite. Do you prefer to glue or to have statically adhesive films? Cross-stripes or Venetian Garden? I can guarantee you one thing: Once you start, you’ll be looking for the next surface that you can beautify with the great decors. Awesome!

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