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Window surfaces covered with d-c-fix® privacy film Jane for greater privacy.

DIY privacy: Jane blocks prying eyes in the most beautiful way!

Project from Chris -

OK: You like the large windows in the entrance area or hallway of your home. But maybe you could do without the curious glances and prying eyes when it’s dark outside and bright inside. This is particularly the case now with the onset of darker evenings. Sound familiar?

Then we now have the perfect DIY solution that provides privacy protection without sacrificing good looks. Allow us to present: d-c-fix® Static Premium Jane ‒ the window film with a modern foliage pattern in clean white that allows you to screen all your critical window and glass surfaces quickly and easily by yourself.

So improve your privacy now as the days grow darker, and shield your windows from prying eyes with our DIY privacy protection, Static Premium Jane!

Jane & you ‒ the dream team for DIY privacy!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® static premium Jane
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape

  • Boxcutter
  • Doctor blade
  • Clean cloth for drying the glass

Let’s go

Step 1

First, measure the dimensions of the window surfaces to be screened.

Step 2

Now transfer the measurements to the d-c-fix window film® Static Premium Jane and cut all the sections of film with the help of a ruler and cutter.

Step 3

After this, it’s time to prepare the glass surfaces: clean the windows thoroughly so that they are spotless and then spray them with plenty of fresh clean water.

Step 4

Remove the protective film from the first section of film.

Step 5

Place the section of film in the top corners of the first window, align the film and press it down firmly with the flat of your hand.

Step 6

Then take the doctor blade and thoroughly remove the excess water between the window and the film. Finally wipe away the excess water from the edges with the cloth ‒ you have now completed your first window with DIY privacy protection!

You’re done!

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