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Opaque window foil with continuous city silhouette pattern applied to a kitchen window.

Project Kitchen Window: Privacy Protection with Sightseeing!

Project from Chris -

Sounds familiar? You stand looking out the kitchen window while you cook, cut vegetables, and do the dishes. Well, we have good news for you: From now on, the view outside will be even more worthwhile! You will enjoy it, and at the same time, be protected from unwanted glances into your kitchen. Why? Because with the opaque d-c-fix® static PREMIUM New Haven window foil, not only can you conjure up effective privacy protection on your windows, but also a city view design, the absolute new highlight in your kitchen: We love New Haven!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® static PREMIUM New Haven  
  • Pencil 
  • Measuring tape  
  • Ruler 

  • Utility knife 
  • Doctor blade 
  • Spray bottle with water

Let’s go

Step 1

Clean the kitchen window thoroughly to ensure that it is free of dust, dirt and grease residue. Decide the dimensions of the glass surface that you want to design with New Haven.

Step 2

Transfer the measurements to the backing paper of the foil and cut to size with the utility knife. 

Step 3

Now spray the window surface generously with water, peel off the backing paper of the privacy protective foil – and apply to the window pane. 

Step 4

Firmly press down the window foil and use the doctor blade to remove any excess water between the window glass and the foil.

You’re done!

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