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This Season’s Living Trend: Creating Colorful Statements with Petrol

29. December, 2018 / Blogpost from Antonia -

The fashionable design hotel in Stockholm. The pop-up store in London that’s getting a lot of hype. The new, trendy restaurant in Hamburg. Petrol is a color that can be found wherever good taste and a chic ambience invites us to stay.


It goes without saying that petrol is not a second-rate color. No matter where and to what extent it is used indoors, it always makes a stylish statement. In all its forms, it comes across as confident, strong and calming. In short: a great color for creating create impressive accents for an elegant, relaxed ambience in your home. Where? Wherever you want to bring a touch of elegance to the big wide world. Top team players are petrol combined with dark wood or black.


Chic and relaxed all over the world – petrol is the answer for your home!


Give your dark bookshelves a supremely elegant touch by applying d-c-fix® petrol decorative film to the rear walls. Or give your old cherry wood sideboard a hint of modern chic with petrol front panels. Alternatively, you could try it out on your kitchen front panels, bathroom furniture or even the doors in your home. Perfectly coordinate the revamped objects in your room by choosing a matching wall color. But you don’t have to paint an entire wall to do this. One section is often enough to give rooms and your favorite furniture a completely new look.


Your favorite decorative films, picture frames, fabrics and accessories in copper, rose gold, gold or silver underline the harmonious effect of the color petrol on your entire living environment. This is how you create a timeless chic that brings the exquisite magic of international hotspots to your home. When will you say WELCOME! BIENVENUE! HEJ! WILLKOMMEN!?

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