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Does your desk lack personality?

Project from Bjoern -

Are solid-coloured notebooks too boring for you? How would you like to bring your own personal style to your notebooks, calendars, or whatever else is on your desk? With our films and DIY tips, you can create your own individual designs in just 7 steps.

You will need…

  • one notebook
  • one roll of Marmi grey 45 cm x 2 m
  • one roll of d-c-fix® high-gloss, silver 45cm x 1.50m

  • d-c-fix® application set (squeegee and cutter)
  • tape measure and ruler

Let’s go

Step 1

Collect the necessary materials.

Step 2

Measure the sides and the spine of the book.

Step 3

Draw the appropriate dimensions on the film and put tabs on all sides of the template. Apply some pressure to the pencil along the lines so that the tabs can be folded more easily later.

Step 4

Cut the template to size.

Step 5

Check again to see that the notebook fits into your template.

Step 6

Now, pull the backing paper off to the halfway point and place the book on the film. Smooth the sides with the squeegee and fold the tabs inward. Now, pull the backing paper completely off and cover the front of the notebook.

Step 7

Cut the appropriate silver triangle for the front, pull off the film, and smooth it with the spreader.

You’re done!

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