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NORDIC BY NATURE: Make Your Home Truly “Hygge” with Wood Effects

01. December, 2018 / Blogpost from Noah -

“Hygge” and “Lagom” are the new embodiments of modern Scandinavian lifestyle and home decor culture. “Modern coziness” and “just the right amount” open up relaxed and personalized ways of thinking about how we can make home our absolute favorite place to be – for ourselves, for our families, and, of course, for our friends, who we love having in our lives and in our homes. Scandi chic is all about being minimalistic, yet friendly and warm. It means a relaxed living style that is casual and cheerful at the same time. A living atmosphere that breathes and radiates naturalness.


So it makes perfect sense that wood, wood effects and wood grains play an important role here, especially when it comes to the surface finish. With the new d-c-fix® Ribbeck Oak and Nordic Elm decorative films, you can now create the chic Scandinavian wood look on your favorite furniture and home accessories. That means natural, unbelievably real-looking wood accents in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, living room or bedroom – no matter what the base material for your DIY project is.


Living trend: mix and match wood effects for creative authenticity


The results will be particularly exciting and beautiful if you combine different wood looks and grains. Alternatively, you could combine your favorite wood effect with simple and classic plain colors such as d-c-fix® white and matt anthracite films. A wood effect combined with plain colors creates a naturally charming look. It also gives you the opportunity to play with colorful or seasonal accessories such as carpets, cushions, sofa throws and, of course, the current Nordic-inspired Advent decoration with lots of red and natural materials.


Are you ready for your home to have the new “hygge” feeling? We say välkommen – and have fun with your DIY project!

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