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Modern Kitchen Right Off the Roll

21. September, 2019 / Blogpost from Mark -

You probably know the following scenario: The kitchen is getting on in years, but it all still works perfectly. It just no longer corresponds to the current interior decorating zeitgeist. Maybe the kitchen was already in your new apartment when you moved in, and the taste of the previous tenant isn’t compatible with yours at all. But the move was already expensive, and your wallet has had enough. What to do? It’s simple: Pimp the kitchen! Good-bye old-fashioned rustic look, hello loft style! With my new favorite toy, the decorative foils from d-c-fix®, I can transform any old-fashioned kitchen into Instagram-worthy stardom. And you can do it too!

Here’s everything you need: A few rolls of cool d-c-fix® adhesive foil, a tape measure or yardstick, scissors, a box cutter and a squeegee for smoothing things out! You can already send out invites to your kitchen inauguration party. And just schedule it for that evening, because your new kitchen will be ready in no time! Here’s the best thing: There are no limits to your creativity. You can really let off steam and go crazy. And not just kitchens – bathrooms, appliances, even aging furniture can get a makeover for a completely new look.

Depending on taste and requirements, the decorative foils are available in different designs and widths. My favorites: Anything to do with wood and stone. My current favorite is the Nordic Elm decorative foil. If you feel it with your hand, you’l notice that the foil has a great feel. It feels like real wood, which is due to the completely realistic grain. You’re not gonna believe what I’m gonna do with this. It’ll be awesome! And like I said, I’m a do-it-yourselfer, not a magician. Everything I do here, you can do, too! With a few tips from the do-it-yourself king himself, there’s something for everyone!


Reinventing the home with adhesive foils

The air is out

Air bubbles can be removed with a simple trick: Just puncture with a needle and carefully brush out the air.

Cutting like a pro

Working from the middle out, stretch the foil tightly around the edge. In the end, it will look like it was cut by a carpenter.

Stay calm and everything will come out fine

Sticking on hard-to-reach areas. Working with d-c-fix® design films takes some concentration in some places. So I recommend that you have a good breakfast and get to work calmly. Then it’s usually easier than you think!

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