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Marble look decorative films for the living room

19. March, 2018 / Blogpost from Bjoern -

d-c-fix® decorative films in a marble design transform your living room into a small corner of Italy in no time at all – d-c-home

Bella Italia exerts a magical pull on us. This is also due to the timeless elegance of the fine marble that adorns the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence Cathedral and St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. In the past it was regarded as a symbol of wealth and luxury – so it was reserved for monarchs and artists in particular. Marble is still the first choice today when it comes to making things look beautiful. This exclusive look is now bang on trend again – and is present everywhere in fashion and on accessories!



This elegant ensemble exudes a unique aura on your desk. The cool, unmistakable charm of marble contrasts with the warm wooden tone of the boxes. Together they represent a sophisticated lifestyle where every detail follows a strict order. A perfect transformation is achieved easily and successfully with d-c-fix® Marmi.


DRESS YOUR HOME with d-c-fix®.

Upgrade your furniture in no time at all with self-adhesive decorative film in a marble design. This way, you can bring a souvenir into your home from Carrara – the origin of the famous Italian marble.



The Brits are doing something right when they stop for their 5 o’clock tea ritual every day. The small break is also becoming more and more popular among continental Europeans. Just

stop, relax and enjoy. And if marble look occasional tables are also on hand – who could possibly resist? d-c-fix® Marmi

is used asymmetrically on the larger of the two and the smaller one is fully marbled.


DIY tip: The effect of the marble structure looks best with predominantly white surroundings, colour looks rather distracting here.



Marble can also be used when books, picture and other beautiful items need to find their perfect place. d-c-fix® Marmi looks particularly good here in a floor-to-ceiling design: The marbling makes the items on the wall appear to float. An imperfect or minimalist style purposefully fits with the elegant, flawless natural stone look. Charming contrasts bring the room to life and create a harmonious atmosphere.


DIY tip: Brave the gap! If items on the shelf are to look good, they simply need space.


DRESS YOUR HOME Basic equipment for your DIY project:

  • Ruler/folding ruler or long ruler
  • Pencil
  • Squeegee
  • Scissors/cutter
  • Water with detergent in a spray bottle
  • Clear water in a spray bottle
  • Sponge
  • Towel

…and d-c-fix® film!


You want to know how to apply d-c-fix® properly? We show you on YouTube how quick and easy it is to do it. Enter d-c-fix® in the search field and select your application!

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