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Upgrade for your worktop: luxury in a marble look!

Project from Angelina -

Marble is the classic for timelessly beautiful living with a certain measure of luxury. Especially for kitchens, this noble material is currently being hyped like never before! But real marble often has the following catch for DIY fans: it’s heavy – during transport and working, and on your budget. But as of now: You can spoil yourself with marble! Because with our sensational upcycling DIY for your kitchen worktop, the new dress code is marble! With the particularly elegant-looking d-c-fix® Marble Black adhesive foil, you can now quickly, easily and affordably bring that sense of luxury to your kitchen with a marble look!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Marmi Black
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Cutter knife
  • Smoothing blade

Let’s go

Step 1

Start by determining the dimensions of the surface that you want to redesign in marble effect. For this purpose, add the height (thickness) of your worktop plus approx. 1-2 cm to make sure you can completely cover around the edges later.

Step 2

Next, transfer the overall dimensions of the surface to be covered onto the backing paper of the d-c-fix® Marble Black. adhesive foil.

Step 3

Then, turn over the cut foil with the decor face up and pull off part of the protective film. Apply the now exposed adhesive surface to one corner of the work top, taking into account the edge overlap and excess foil, and apply the adhesive foil by pressing with your hands.

Step 4

Following this, use the smoothing blade to smooth down the foil, applying firm pressure. Finally, affix the entire sheet of foil onto the worktop section-by-section, repeating the steps described above.

Step 5

If small air inclusions form during application, you can pierce them with a fine pin and gently smooth them out using the smoothing blade.

Step 6

A “hot” trick for application: Use a hair dryer at the lowest temperature setting to carefully heat the foil. This makes the adhesive foil softer and even easier to apply.

You’re done!

  • Avatar photo
    Deborah Legg
    Posted at 10:07h, 13 February Reply

    How heat resistant is this on a counter top?

  • Avatar photo
    Lisa-anne Campbell
    Posted at 17:06h, 13 February Reply


    It will take cups of hot tea etc but it won’t take a hot pan. What I do is if I’m mashing potatoes, ill take from hob and put the pan on folded t-towels. It won’t take hot pans from the hob. Cups of tea or bowls and plates of hot food should be fine, its fine when I do it, I’ve had no problems with those

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