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Hi guys, my name’s Lucy.

01. May, 2019 / Blogpost from Lucy -

I’m a sound design student and I like things to be colorful, bright and bold. The whole DIY ethos is a great passion of mine, whether it’s sewing, crafting or being creative in some other way. Right now, I’m really enjoying using adhesive films to upcycle my furniture. They’re so easy to apply and don’t cost the earth – after all, as a student, I always have to watch those pennies! A huge variety of designs are available – you can get films in single colors, with a wood or stone effect, in lots of different bright patterns – and now, my absolute favorite: d-c-fix® glitter films in pink, silver and black! Combined with patterns like the d-c-fix® Sunland on my chest of drawers, this glittery pink adhesive film brings a modern twist and looks really stylish.


And if I decide I don’t like it any more, I can just buy a new film in a different design from my local hardware store and give my furniture a fantastic makeover, just like that!

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