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Well organized and brightly coloured!

Project from Noah -

In order to keep your desk not only organized but also modern-looking, our DIY instructions show you how to tame the clutter step-by-step.

You will need…

  • One roll of d-c-fix® adhesive film
  • d-c-fix® application set with cutter and squeegee
  • Tape measure

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cloth

Let’s go

Step 1

Prepare your materials.

Step 2

Measure the containers to be covered. Approximate measurements are sufficient.

Step 3

Clean the plate thoroughly so that the film has better adhesion. Draw the dimensions on your film and cut the film to size.

Step 4

Pull a quarter of the backer film off and start to adhere the film.

Step 5

Press the excess air out with the squeegee.

Step 6

Finally, cut the excess film off at the edges with a cutter.

You’re done!

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