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The layer trend now for your furniture too.

Project from Cintia -

Your dull shoe cabinet is quickly and easily transformed into something completely new. With trendy metal films and d-c-fix static window films, you can create true, self-made unique pieces.

Transform your shoe rack into a stylish eyecatcher in just 8 steps with our do-it-yourself-tips:

You will need…

  • a shoe rack with a smooth surface
  • one roll of d-c-fix® high-gloss rose gold 45cm x 2m
  • one roll of the desired d-c-fix static window film

  • d-c-fix® application set (squeegee and cutter)
  • tape measure and ruler
  • spray bottle with water

Let’s go

Step 1

Collect the necessary materials.

Step 2

After you have removed the doors, measure the sides. And remove the knob.

Step 3

Draw the appropriate dimensions on the film and then cut it to size with a little allowance.

Step 4

At first, slowly pull off part of the backing paper and position the adhesive film at an edge. Now, smooth the film bit by bit with a squeegee. In order to avoid air bubbles, always pull the squeegee from the centre to the outsides.

Step 5

Adhere the film closely over the edges and press it down firmly.

Step 6

Carefully cut the film at the corners of your shoe rack and press it down firmly.

Step 7

Also cut the static window film to size and place it on the moistened high-gloss film. The water makes it possible for you to orient it.

Step 8

Now, press out the excess water by using the squeegee from the centre to the outsides again. Finally, reattach the knob and install the door.

You’re done!

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