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Kitchen island with work surface covered with foil in Terrazzo stone look and shelves with sand-colored foil.

DIY hack: give your kitchen island chic swing!

Project from Angelina -

Happy highlight for the kitchen! Old DIY wisdom: homemade things that look good bring great joy! That’s how it is with the makeover for the kitchen island. The d-c-fix® Terrazzo neo adhesive foil brings vitality to the practical piece of furniture with its Italian-inspired design. The d-c-fix® Uni Matt sand foil completes the look harmoniously. The result: a successful new look for the kitchen island, which now gives a fresh impulse to your kitchen. Are you ready for the DIY project?

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Terrazzo neo adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® Uni Matt sand adhesive foil
  • d-c-fix® application kit with doctor blade & utility knife

  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Ruler

Let’s go!

And this is how the makeover for the kitchen island works:

Step 1

Clean the surfaces of the kitchen island to be covered with a damp cloth and rub dry.

Step 2

Now hold the Terrazzo neo foil with the reverse side facing upwards on the work surface and determine the required foil dimension plus some buffer – mark the dimension on the grid with a pencil.


Proceed in the same way with the Sand matt adhesive foil for the other surfaces of the kitchen island.

Step 3

Remove the backing paper from the cut piece of foil and smooth it onto the surface using the doctor blade.

Step 4

For a good bonding result at the edges, cut the foil diagonally at the corners.

Step 5

Fold down the overhanging foil and smooth it down well using the doctor blade.

Step 6

Now fold the cut corners on the side part to the front, press firmly and smooth into place.

Step 7

Fold the adhesive foil down at the front edge, fit it around the edge and press it firmly into place – apply the adhesive foil on all sides using this method.

Step 8

Now remove the protruding foil along the lower edges using the utility knife.

You’re done!

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