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Forests, meadows, and animal adventures for kids’ rooms!

24. September, 2019 / Blogpost from Antonia -

For kids, there’s nothing nicer than exploring nature—because there’s a lot to experience in the forests and meadows with animals, insects, flowers, and everything else! And even at home, in kids’ bedrooms, nature and animals motifs offer great inspiration for play, creativity, and well-being.


Great highlights in kids’ rooms: wildlife and enchanted forests as decorative foils


Trees, animals, enchanted forest, flowers, and much more are now ready to collect as fun stickers for kids’ rooms. For this, you will need: a portion of creativity, scissors, pencil, doctor blade, and your choice of plain-colored d-c-fix ® adhesive foils.


Step 1: Draw the outlines of trees, animals etc. on the rear side of the backing paper and cut them out


Step 2: Remove the backing paper and position the foil on furniture, doors, or walls and apply using the doctor blade.


Step 3: Add decorative details and enjoy!

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