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Round rack covered with foil in grey wood look with several gold-colored hooks to hang your keys on.

Make your own key rack: a chic new home for your keys!

Project from Alex -

You’re tired up of with always looking for your keys? It’s annoying, wastes time, and brings unnecessary stress to your day! With our ingenious DIY key rack, you will never have to search again. And you will also give your keys a practical home that looks great. Because you design the round key rack with the elegant d-c-fix® Quadro grey wood texture foil. This adds an attractive highlight to your entrance area – and brings some relaxation to your day! Try it now…

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Quadro grey 
  • Pencil 
  • Utility knife 
  • Scraper 

  • Round wooden board 
  • Screw-in hooks 
  • Adhesive hook 

Let’s go

Here is the tutorial for your new key rack:  

Step 1

Place the round wooden board on the backing paper of the adhesive foil and transfer the outline onto it with a pencil. 

Step 2

Now cut the circle out of the adhesive foil, leaving some allowance all around.

Step 3

Next, peel off the backing paper of the adhesive foil, place it on the round wooden board and firmly press it down with the scraper.

Step 4

Cut off the excess foil along the edge with the utility knife. 

Step 5

Now, in a row with equal spacing, screw in the hooks onto which you will hang your keys. 

Step 6

Attach the adhesive hook for hanging the key rack to the rear side of the wooden board.

You’re done!

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