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Ideas for a small kitchen, with d-c-fix®

Project from Angelina -

The smaller the kitchen, the greater the challenge when making it stylish, cozy and inviting – right? Nonsense! All you really need is the right ideas. Then even a mini-kitchen becomes a feel-good room. Because the kitchen is the heart of any apartment. And to keep it that way, the design needs to be subtle, dotted with a few beautiful accents. Subtle patterns and metallic designs from d-c-fix® help to refine a small kitchen – and even make it look bigger. You can do it – it’s easy!


Make a small kitchen truly gorgeous and unique!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® metallic foil in hammered copper (343-0321)
  • d-c-fix® design foil in textile fabric – natural (200-2850)
  • d-c-fix® metallic foil in smooth matte silver (347-0020)
  • d-c-fix® Faroso design foil (343-1018)

  • Yardstick or folding ruler
  • Pencil
  • Doctor blade
  • Scissors/cutting knife
  • Spray bottle containing clean water

Let’s go

Idea 1: Always on top of things

Bring your old slatted bed frame back to life! With a touch of creativity and d-c-fix® foil, it can become practical, space-saving suspended shelving.


This project was achieved using d-c-fix® foils in a trendy copper, a textile finish and metallic silver. Measure the slats and cut matching strips from the foils. Peel the backing paper off of the adhesive foil and place the foil on the edge of the slat. Now go over the foil firmly with a doctor blade and remove excess foil with a cutting knife. Repeat this step with the different foils until all of the slats have been given the new look.

Idea 2: There is room for art in every kitchen, no matter how small

Room for two, and art – all in one! This gives you a fold-out dining area. It not only saves space, it also serves as a decorative highlight in a small kitchen.


This folding table has been covered with d-c-fix® adhesive foil in the Faroso design. This is super easy and adds an oriental touch to the kitchen. To do this, you first need to measure the table surface and the rear side of the table. Then cut out the matching parts in the foil design. Remove the backing paper and smooth the foil with a doctor blade, first on the table top and then on the underside.

Idea 3: Beautiful seating that doubles as storage

A bench chest with seating is ideal for a small kitchen. Use our d-c-fix® Faroso mosaic design to spruce up a plain bench chest. With the d-c-fix® in metallic smooth matte silver, you can magically add modern metallic highlights.


To create your new favorite corner, first measure the area you want to cover with the mosaic pattern. Then, cut out the matching parts in the d-c-fix® Faroso foil and remove the backing paper. Apply the foil to the edge and smooth the foil with a doctor blade. For the silver highlights, measure the length of the box and cut out a 3-cm-wide strip of silver metallic foil in that length. Then remove the backing paper from the strip and stick it onto the box. Use the doctor blade here, too, to prevent air pockets.

You’re done!

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