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Jazz up boring white furniture in children’s bedrooms in next to no time.

Project from Alex -

With our films in various shades of grey, you can give tired white furniture a new look. Delight children with a fun mountain landscape and give their bedroom a modern edge.


Project description for children’s bedroom furniture in a modern design

You will need…

  • A roll of d-c-fix®, light grey
  • A roll of d-c-fix®, grey
  • A roll of d-c-fix®, white
  • A d-c-fix® application kit containing a smoother and a cutting knife

  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • A measuring tape

Let’s go

Step 1

Measure the drawers in your chest of drawers.

Step 2

Draw differently sized triangles on the back of the grey film and cut them out.

Step 3

Use the cut-out triangles as a template for the peaks of the mountains. Sketch the outlines of the peaks on the back of the light film.

Step 4

Cut out the mountain peaks as well.

Step 5

Peel off the backing paper and smooth over the mountains using the smoother. Repeat this process with the peaks of the mountains.

Step 6

Guide the cutting knife between the drawers to cut the film.

You’re done!


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