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Upcycling DIY: Tin cans with d-c-fix® adhesive foils orange and black in the look of Halloween pumpkins with faces.

DIY upcycling: These canned Halloween pumpkins are a hit!

Project from Cintia -

Who’s quicker at this Halloween DIY: Kids or grown-ups? Probably both! Because this decorative move with tin cans is simply too ingenious. The charming pumpkins created from empty tin cans are true all-rounders: Atmospheric pots for kitchen herbs, utensil containers for kitchen, office, bathroom and children’s rooms, table decorations for parties, containers for sweets, or as a gift with the right contents. And here’s the trick: The main ingredients for this ingeniously versatile DIY upcycling are empty, well-cleaned tin cans in different sizes, plus the d-c-fix® adhesive foils in orange and black.

We can’t wait to see how great your friendly pumpkin family will be for Halloween! 

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Orange
  • d-c-fix® Black
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape

  • Utility knife
  • Scraper
  • Black crepe paper
  • Cans

Let’s go

Step 1

Remove the paper thoroughly from the empty tin cans and thoroughly clean and dry the cans.

Step 2

Measure the widest circumference and height of the different cans and transfer the dimensions to the backing paper of the orange adhesive foil.

Step 3

Cut the adhesive foil pieces for the cans to size and remove a few centimeters of the backing paper of the first adhesive strip to glue the first can.

Step 4

Place the foil with the adhesive surface exposed on the can flush with the edges at the top and bottom and press the foil all round by hand. Follow by pressing firmly with the scraper.

Step 5

Now draw the foil elements for nose, eyes and pumpkin mouths with pencil on the backing paper of the black adhesive foil, cut them all out carefully and then make funny faces with them by sticking them firmly on the cans.

Step 6

Cut the crepe paper in squares and insert loosely in the cans. Then fill with candies or other treats for Halloween.

You’re done!

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