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Grand style for your home through DIY

29. March, 2018 / Blogpost from Patricia -

Not just for princesses: with shiny red copper, golden glossy accents, glittering silver, and reflective film, you can bring lustre to your home as well as a touch of luxury. Metallic reflective surfaces are currently an unstoppable trend. The modern gloss beautifies furniture and walls, makes rooms lighter, and creates a great atmosphere. With d-c-fix® and a little skill, you can make your little place shine with just a few steps.



Bring lustre to every corner of your home. With just a few steps, an unassuming, white shelf becomes an impressive eye-catcher. The square compartments are perfect for diagonally decorating the interior surfaces by covering corners with d-c-fix® high gloss designer film. With the colours rose-gold, silver, and gold, you can freely vary the look and effectively decorate two corners per shelf compartment – one on the floor, one on the side.



With its typically structured, antiskid surface, corrugated tin provides secure footing on the floor. If the impressive metallic look is to be used on the wall, the designer film d-c-fix® high-gloss, corrugated tin – applied to a panel – can decorate an office in a loft, for example. Ironically playfully combined with a magnetic rail, which inspires ideas and thoughts, the look and feel ensure flashes of genius.



Don’t fill up every compartment of the shelf as this quickly covers the beautiful design. By leaving SOME empty space, you can ensure that the piece of furniture looks particularly elegant and is optimally displayed.



Art is created by skill as the saying goes. Even if it almost looks like a work of art and creates sophisticated glamour in the living environment, only a little manual dexterity is required to transform this white chest of drawers into a shiny one-of-a-kind piece. The drawer fronts are decorated with the designer film d-c-fix® high-gloss in rose-gold, silver, gold, and d-c-fix® mirror effect film. The metallic films harmonize beautifully with one another.


d-c-home® – is the new family brand by Hornschuch. Under this new umbrella, the d-c-fix® designer film remains what it always was: unbeatable when it comes to transforming furniture and rooms into an unforgettable home in the blink of an eye.


Your basic d-c-fix® equipment for your do-it-yourself project:

  • folding ruler/yard stick or long ruler
  • pencil
  • squeegee
  • scissors/cutter
  • water with detergent in a spray bottle
  • clear water in a spray bottle
  • sponge cloth
  • towel

…and naturally the d-c-fix® film!


On YouTube, we show you how quickly and easily you can create impressive rooms with d-c-fix® designer films. Simply type d-c-fix® into the search engine and select the desired application!

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