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Get Your Daily Dose of Sunshine – and Exactly the Right Amount for You!

27. April, 2019 / Blogpost from Alex -

We all love the first sunny days of spring, when the gentle morning sunlight tickles us awake. However, just being at home can sometimes be exhausting if the sun is particularly generous during those first highs before summer arrives. After all, skylights are often not equipped with professional sun protection or blackout options, which is why it gets uncomfortably warm by the big window in the living room – or the sun blinds you while you’re trying to work from home.


d-c-fix® function films provide sun, privacy and glare protection


With d-c-fix® sun protection films, you can effectively show the sun a yellow card, as the functional glass films offer 99% UV protection and shield against direct heat radiation. The practical tinted films, which can easily be applied to glass windows, are available in two variants: as a static adhesive and self-adhesive sun protection film.

So, get ready for a super summer – with a pleasant indoor climate and exactly the right dose of sunshine in your home!

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