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Application Guide: d-c-fix® adhesive films for furniture and decoration

Adhesive films offer a wide range of applications: Use our self-adhesive natural stone and wood designs to make furniture and furnishings look like new again. Create stylish accents in every living room with trendy patterns and colors.


1. Prepare and clean the surface (all applications)

Surface preparation is very important – no matter what type of adhesive film is used and where it is to be attached. Even the smallest soiling can lead to unattractive dents in the self-adhesive film. The surface must be smooth, free of dust and grease.

Thoroughly wipe off other (furniture) surfaces with a suitable cleaning product, e.g. all-purpose cleaner or wood cleaner.

If decorative foil is to be applied to untreated wood, the wood should first be treated with an acrylic-based primer.


2. Apply deco adhesive foil in 5 steps

Decorative vinyl films offer versatile possibilities for the furniture and furnishings refurbishment. The self-adhesive films are available in numerous designs and different surface structures, like wood, stone, or velour.

1. Thoroughly clean the surface to be covered.

2. Then measure the surface and cut the foil to size.

3. Loosen the back paper at one corner and peel off approx.  4 inch (10 cm).

4. Position the foil with the exposed corner at one edge. Then peel off the protective paper on the reverse side piece by piece and press the adhesive film on simultaneously with the squeegee.

5. Smooth out any air bubbles from the center towards the edges.

Tip: If you find an air bubble, you can try to lift and re-apply, but sometimes the best choice is a small nick in the film (with a needle) to release the trapped air.


Tool list:
Basic equipment is a squeegee, boxcutter, scissors, spray bottle filled with water/dishwasher detergent mixture and a soft cloth.

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