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DIY for windows: Visual protection the elegant way!

Project from Angelina -

You’d like more privacy and protection from overly curious eyes prying into your home? But you don’t fancy elaborate curtains, blinds, roller blinds and such on your window surfaces? Then we have a quick and elegant solution for you. The statically adhering window foil d-c-fix® Madras in the colorful look of classic glass art will give you more privacy in no time. You can easily attach the decorative foil to your window and glass surfaces – remove it again just as easily should this be necessary, residue-free.  But now we wish you a lot of fun with your screen DIY and a lot of joy at the beautiful sight of your now even more beautiful windows!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® static window foil Madras
  • d-c-fix® mounting liquid
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Smoothing blade
  • Ruler
  • Cutter knife

Let’s go

Step 1

First, it’s time to measure. Determine the dimensions of your window surface within the window frame and note them down.

Step 2

Now you transfer the dimensions onto the back of the paper of your d-c-fix® window foil Madras. Then pick up the ruler and cutter knife and cut the foil piece by deducting approx. 2 mm in height and width respectively when cutting. This prevents annoying excess film inside your window frame.

Step 3

Now spray your window surface to be glued evenly with the d-c-fix® mounting liquid.

Step 4

Completely peel off the protective paper of the window film, place it on one of the upper corners of the window surface and firmly wipe over the window foil. Work from top to bottom. Finally, smooth over the entire foil surface toward the edges using the smoothing blade. Remove any excess liquid extruding with a soft cloth. Finally, pat dry the foil surface and window frame – done!

You’re done!

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