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Worktop with the d-c-fix® adhesive film Pino Aurelio Wood

DIY: Country style for your kitchen

Project from Angelina -

Due to use, work, cleaning and so on, tabletops look quickly used and no longer beautiful. Now we have a great solution for this case: With the rustic d-c-fix® Pino Aurelio Wood adhesive film, you can give your worktop a rustic look that will dress your kitchen in a country house style.

So don’t buy a new table and give it a new life with d-c-fix® adhesive!

You will need…

  • Several rolls of d-c-fix® Pino Aurelio Wood
  • Processing set d-c-fix® with squeegee and cutter
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Let’s go

Step 1

First of all: Measure the work surface and note the dimensions. Then add a few centimeters everywhere, so that you are on the safe side for edge banding. Cut the d-c-fix® adhesive film

Step 2

To apply the film, first remove a few centimeters from the backing paper and place the film on the rear edge of your worktop.

Step 3

Then you work your way forward bit by bit with the adhesive foil, peeling off more and more backing paper and carefully and with pressure applying the foil to the substrate with the squeegee.

Step 4

For clean sticking of the corners, cut the adhesive foil with the cutter, fold the excess foil over and paint everything well. Remove excess film easily with the cutter.

You’re done!

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  • Avatar photo
    Posted at 15:12h, 25 January Reply

    There was a harmful chemical warning on mine. Is this safe to use on tables?

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