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Window surfaces with d-c-fix® Static Premium Lancaster protective film in a colorful mosaic glass art look.

The most beautiful privacy screen in a glass-art look for your windows!

Project from d-c-fix ® -

Are you looking for privacy protection for your windows that is quick and easy, but not boring? Then we have the perfect solution for you: with the static adhesive d-c-fix® Lancaster privacy-protection film, you can conjure up attractive glass art in great colors on your glass surfaces. With this, you can protect your glass-paneled doors or your windows from prying eyes – and create a great eye-catcher with the intricately designed look of mosaic glass art. Boring privacy protection is a thing of the past! With Lancaster, you can have great colors on your glass surfaces – or add them as decorative elements to your mirror. So off you go – get sticking!

You will need…

  • A roll of d-c-fix® Static Lancaster
  • d-c-fix® tool kit with scraper and cutting knife
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Let’s go

Step 1

Measure the window or glass surfaces that you want to cover, then cut the d-c-fix® static premium Lancaster window film accordingly. For the window surfaces, calculate a distance of approx. 3 mm from the window seals. i.e. Measure out the foil pieces to be approximately 3 mm less in both width and height.

Step 2

Then, spray the glass surface generously with water until you cannot see any more dry areas. The best way to do this is to use a spray bottle.

Step 3

Next, remove the backing paper from the Lancaster foil piece and place it on the pane or your desired surface.

Step 4

Then, press the foil on with your hand or a soft cloth and use the scraper to remove the water from below the film to fix the window film. Then, dry the entire surface and window frame well with a cloth – done!

You’re done!

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