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dcfix furniture adhesive film decorative film DIY decorative desk marble

Make your desk chic and tidy with marble-effect DIY penholders

Project from Patricia -

Here comes the 2020 update for your desk: These chic DIY penholders will tidy up your office in a most attractive way. These holders keep all of your work utensils neatly at your fingertips, and are also a real eye-catcher on your desk. Best of all, you can customize the holder size and look to suit your specific needs and wishes.


Ready for your unique little helper for an orderly workplace? Then let’s get going…

You will need…

  • A roll of d-c-fix® Glitter Gold
  • A roll of d-c-Fix® Cortes Brown
  • A d-c-fix® tool kit with doctor blade and cutter knife
  • Cardboard tubes of various diameters

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Double-sided adhesive tape

Let’s go

Step 1

Use the scissors to cut the cardboard tubes to varying heights as desired. By using various diameters and heights, every one of your office utensils in the tubes will be guaranteed a perfect place in your arrangement.

Step 2

Now, mark out the dimensions of the tubes on the back of the marble adhesive film and cut the film pieces to the right size.

Step 3

Remove the backing paper from the marble film, and use the doctor blade to affix the film pieces to the respective cardboard tubes.

Step 4

For the cool DIY decorative lettering, simply draw the letters on the back of the glitter film. Note: You have to write the letters like a mirror image, i.e. back to front!  Then cut out the individual letters with the cutter and use the doctor blade to affix them to the desired cardboard tube which is already covered with marble film.

Step 5

Now comes the fine-tuning: You can arrange the cardboard tubes side by side in the formation you desire, and affix them in place to one another using double-sided adhesive tape.

You’re done!

dcfix furniture adhesive film decorative film DIY decorative desk marble
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