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DIY: Wow! An Attractive New Marble-effect Worktop!

28. August, 2020 / Blogpost from Angelina -

That’s life: Unfortunately, worktops and surfaces naturally get unsightly signs of wear and tear over time – whilst the rest of the kitchen furniture or work area still appears to be in good condition. However, we now have a great solution: d-c-fix® Marmi Gray adhesive foil has a refined marble effect that gives your worktop a completely new look that bears a striking resemblance to real marble.


Make it easy and get extremely attractive marble in the form of d-c-fix® adhesive foil!


  1. First, measure the work surface and note down the dimensions. Add a few centimeters to these dimensions so that you are on the safe side when bonding the edges.
  2. Afterwards, cut the foil according to your measurements and additions.
  3. For bonding, start by removing a few centimeters of the backing paper before attaching the foil to the back edge of your worktop.
  4. Then, bit by bit, work your way around with the adhesive foil by pulling back the backing paper and carefully pressing the foil to the surface using the doctor blade.
  5. When you have reached the front edge, bond this into position and firmly apply the adhesive foil.
  6. Use the cutter to cut the adhesive foil there, fold the foil overhangs and smooth everything out for a clean bond at the corners.

video tutorial

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  • Avatar photo
    Lacey Carpenter
    Posted at 22:45h, 06 March Reply

    Do i need to prep the surface in any way first? Like sanding certain materials? Remove paint. Anything other than clean it?

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