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dcfix adhesive foil decorative foil DIY deco cat house

A DIY cardboard cat house in the style of a VW bus

Project from Cintia -

How would you like to own a special unique cat house? This is very straightforward using our d-c-fix® adhesive films: in just a few steps, you can build a fancy cat house out of a cardboard box. All you need is a large cardboard box, three different color films from our d-c-fix® range and love of DIY. In no time at all, your cat will have new favorite place to play and hide. By the way, this DIY VW busstyle cat house will be a real eye-catcher in your apartment!


A DIY cardboard cat house in just a few easy steps

You will need…

  • A roll of d-c-fix® plain paint in mint
  • A roll of d-c-fix® plain paint in magnolia
  • A roll of d-c-fix® in anthracite
  • A roll of d-c-fix® in silver
  • A d-c-fix® tool kit with a doctor blade and box cutter

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive tape

Let’s go

Step 1

The first step in making your new DIY cat house is to form a VW bus shapeout of the cardboard box. To do this, lay your cardboard box on the floor lengthwise so that the two openings on the right and left are exposed. Seal the rear side of the VW bus (in this case the left opening) with masking tape or adhesive tape. The opposite side should remain open. This is the front of your VW bus. You then need to remove all the flaps here except for the lower one. Then lift the lower flap up and stick it in place. This surface will form the hood of the vehicle.

Step 2

Next up is the windshield. Measure 8 cm with a ruler along the upper edge from the front to the rear. Mark this point with a pencil. Then starting from this point, draw a diagonal line to the highest point of the lower tapped down flap (the hood). Cut with a box cutter along this diagonal line and remove the resulting triangle.

Step 3

Repeat the instructions in step 2 on the opposite side of the box. This gives your VW bus cat house a typical sloping hood shape. It will then create a large overhang of 8 cm at the upper end of the box. Remove this with a box cutter too. The result is a large sloping opening above the hood.

Step 4

Now, your windshield has the characteristic VW bus look. Cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the sloping opening. Cut out two large windows next to each other. Give the windshield an authentic retro look, by rounding off the corners of the windows. Now, put the windshield into the sloping opening of the box and stick it there.

Step 5

Draw windows and doors on the box and cut them out. Cut out a trapezium window along the outer contour behind the windshield. This creates the driver and passenger window. Two square side windows on the driver’s side and passenger’s side further back add to the VW bus style. A double door on one side of the cat house serves as an entrance and exit for your cat and makes the VW bus look just perfect.

Step 6

Finally, you can stick the d-c-fix® adhesive films onto your very own home-made cat house. To do this, simply peel off the paper from the rear side of the film and smooth it from the inside out with the doctor blade. You can remove the excess foil that protrudes at the edges using the box cutter.

You’re done!

dcfix adhesive foil decorative foil DIY deco cat house

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