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Desk with table surface recovered and redesigned with adhesive film in white marble look.

Smarten up your workplace: a makeover in marble look for your desk!

Project from Cintia -

Fancy a new look at your home workplace? And are you ready for some smart luxury with a touch of glamour? In that case, the DIY makeover for your desk with the adhesive film d-c-fix® Romeo matt white is just right for you! Because with it, you can easily transform the appearance of your current desk to give it the trendy and elegant look of light marble. With this, you will experience a change in the image of your home office that will definitely inspire you. Try it now!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® Romeo matt white 
  • Scissors 
  • Utility knife

  • Scraper 
  • Pencil 

Let’s go

The tutorial for your desk makeover starts here: 

Step 1

Measure the desk top and transfer the dimensions to the rear side of the Romeo adhesive film – then cut the film to size. Peel off the backing paper, position the adhesive film at the edge of the table and press on. 

Step 2

Now use the scraper to firmly smooth the entire piece of film along the entire desk top – this always works best working forward hand width by hand width!  

Step 3

Cut into the adhesive film diagonally at the corners of the desk, fold the film over and press it firmly onto the underside of the desk. Remove any excess film with the utility knife. 

Step 4

You can also brighten up your desk utensils with the adhesive film in marble look. As an extra highlight, additional accents with gold adhesive film look great!

You’re done!

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