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Large board covered with chalkboard foil written and drawn on using a chalk pen.

Decorative chalkboard provides space for Christmas greetings in XL!

Project from Angelina -

Ready for a fantastic, vibrant decorating idea for the holiday season? Then take note: with the large DIY chalkboard and d-c-fix® blackboard foilyou can really live out your creative talents with friendly messages, hand-lettering, drawings and decorations using chalk or a chalk pen. This is a great eye-catcher for you and your loved ones at home – and a highlight for visitors and guests, to whom you cay say, “Glad you’re here!” with your own personal message. 


PS: Of course, the DIY chalkboard can remain in place and bring great joy as a creative decorative companion for New Year’s Eve and the next 365 days of the new year as well!  

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® chalkboard foil 
  • d-c-fix® application kit with scraper & utility knife 

  • Wooden board, 40 x 80 cm  
  • Pencil 

Let’s go!

Here’s how to create a new decorative chalkboard step-by-step:

Step 1

Cut the d-c-fix® chalkboard foil to length and peel off the backing paper from the foil.

Step 2

Now position the chalkboard foil at the edge of the wooden board.

Step 3

Smooth down the foil with the scraper. The best approach is to work your way along the wooden board, hand width by hand width.  

Step 4

After applying the adhesive foil, cut off any excess at the edges of the wooden panel with the utility knife. 

Step 5

Use a piece of chalk or a chalk marker to write your Christmas greetings on the chalkboard foil and decorate it with symbols and drawings. 

You’re done!

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