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Static window foil simply does not hold – d-c-fix® Static Premium and the backing foil


It is like a never-ending story. Finally, you have found the perfect static window foil from d-c-fix® for your home. You can get started immediately and prepare the window for the window foil to be visible soon. You take the foil to your hand and want to attach it to the window. However, as soon as you let go of the d-c-fix® Static Premium foil, it falls down. Why doesn’t this static window foil hold?


Have you thought about removing the backing foil from the static window foil?

Yes, you heard that right! The d-c-fix® Static Premium window foil has a backing foil. You don’t see it first glance, but there is a thin, transparent protective film on the back of the static window foil. To be able to attach the window foil to the glass surface using its static adhesion, it is necessary to remove the backing paper. Here we have a great tip for you to easily remove the thin protective film.

Grab some masking tape and cut off two short strips. Now you stick the two adhesive strips on the front and back of the static window foil. Make sure that the adhesive strips are put up at the same height. Then pull the two masking tape strips apart. You will see that the static window foil sticks together with one piece of the masking tape and the backing foil with the other piece. The protective film is now removed and you can easily attach the static foil to the window.


The correct application: d-c-fix® Static Premium

Removing the annoying backing foil is not the only important thing. The glass surface must also be properly prepared. First, clean the glass surface. There should be no dirt or grease on the window. Then you need a spray bottle that you fill with a water-detergent mix. Spray the glass surface generously with the mixture. Then stick the foil to the window in the desired position. Please make sure that there is a 2-3mm gap from the window seals. The foil can hold well and also look nice in the end only if the gap is adhered to. When the foil is in the correct position, use a doctor blade to remove the liquid under the foil. The best way to do this is to move from the center to the outside. In the end, dry the window and foil surface with a soft cloth. Your new window foil is now attached. So easy. And fast.

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