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Create a colourful highlight in your kitchen with a brightly coloured fridge

Project from Cintia -

You have finally had enough of the sterile white colour in your kitchen and are longing for your fridge to be an unusual colour? In addition, your fridge has dents in it that you really want to cover? Then this do-it-yourself tutorial is definitely just the right thing for you! We will show you how to upcycle and spruce up your plain fridge step-by-step in just 6 steps with a stylish d-c-fix® adhesive film.

You will need…

  • A fridge with a smooth surface
  • Two rolls of d-c-fix® Uni Lack signal red 67.5 cm x 200 cm (F3468345)
  • d-c-fix® application set (squeegee and cutter)

  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver

Let’s go

Step 1

First remove the fridge handles. This makes it easier to later apply the adhesive film to the fridge.

Step 2
Now cut the adhesive film to the appropriate size. Allow for enough film overlap on the right and left as the film also has to be applied around the edges of the fridge. Remove a piece of the backing paper and position the film on the front edge of the fridge.

Step 3
Now start to remove the backing paper bit by bit and use the squeegee to remove air bubbles moving from the centre outwards.

Step 4
Now pull the adhesive film around the edge. Use the squeegee or your thumb to press it on firmly to achieve a clean edge.

Step 5
You can then remove the rest of the excess pieces of film with the cutter.

Step 6
Use the cutter to also cut film for fridge displays etc.

You’re done!

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